Artabt1s has been my passion since my childhood. I would seek an opportunity to find the arts classed being conducted during the summer holidays and during the weekends to grow my passion. As i grew , i felt the need for me to learn more towards my passion and completed my degree in fashion designing.

Starting to develop my own portfolio of dress , and to exhibit my range of Fashion designing garments became a passion as i ventured in starting my own business “Earthen Fashions” A boutique which caters a unique set of customer who have the drive and appreciation for handworks. after starting to work on the hand works, i went on to complete my Masters in Business Administration with Anglia Ruskin University , U.K. pursing via singaproe campus.

I believe that creativity need to be cultivated. Being a mother, i understand the need for us to cultivate the creative skills within our children. It dawned on me that with all the skill i have acquired over the years, the best use will be to teach some one the skills that they might be of great use as how it has molded me to appreciate life in totality.

Learning has never stopped for me since my childhood. So does for everyone. We constantly keep learning, and the best thing that we can do is to give back and share the learning to other that might be of great help and inspiration to others around.

If we do not articulate or express externally what we think in our mind, we will never know, if that is real