What is decoupage?

thumb2Decoupage technique is simply sticking to glass, wooden, metal, plastic or ceramic surface of items paper cut-outs and make the ornament look like painted on the surface. The most popular material for decoration used for decoupage is rice paper, newspapers or images cut from napkin. Final effect can be impressive and the items decorated this way – unique.

What kind of Projects?


The project is not limited to the below, however the details given are mere indicative of the type of projects that you may start with.
We encourage everyone to use teir own creativity to come up with new ideas and selections. You might think of anything that you can do decopage to make i look good. Infact you may also use this art to restore your old goods to look new and give a fresh look.

Some projects include the below

  • photo frame
  • Flower Pots ( Big or Small )
  • Jewel Box
  • Bangles
  • LampShade
  • Old Cooldrink Cans
  • Unused Furnitures
  • Decorative plates as Soveniors

Knowing decopage can help you make creative homemade gifts and make the world around you exciting. Learn it today.