Jewellery Clay Art?

03The Shining and shimmering clay jewellery are becoming common these days. Wondering whats so unique about it? Well, Its expressing yourself
through the shapes and colors to others what you are by creating a jewellery a casually wearable ear ring, a cool matching necklace all made of
clay.You don’t have to be a professional to make fancy jewellery. There are some real jewellery you can make with clay, and they are pretty easy.

What kind of Projects?


The project ideas differ for children and adults. Children are exicted to use the bright colored glaxe and coloring, while adults prefer
more metallica , rusty, and antique finishes. However the process starts with making buttons and beads of clay. It will be a quick and easy start for
beginners, and sure to enjoy the ease with which one might be able to work on polymer clay.

Some projects include the below

  • Polymer Clay Necklace
  • Beaded Bracelet
  • Sculpt Earring
  • Polymer Clay Chain
  • Cufflinks

Get started in making polymer clay novelty ornamental character beads today !